Art Program

Our Board members volunteer countless hours, donating their time and expertise to govern our hospital and position it for success. As a way to say ‘thank you’ to retiring and outgoing members of the Board of Directors, Cambridge Memorial Hospital purchases art from local artists. A competition is held and retiring members choose a piece of art, plus the location it will hang in.

The works of art are valued up to and no more than $750. Artists graciously donate a minimum of 50% of their fee to the CMH Foundation.

Hibiscus Wave by Laura Cook

Artist: Laura Cook

Honouree: Dr. Josephine McMurray

Displayed: Wing A, Level 4 Obstetrics by the family waiting room

Birches by Mark Zlomislic

Artist: Mark Zlomislic

Honouree: Brett Davis

Displayed: Wing B, Level 1, CRU waiting room

Galt Knitting Company

Artist: Jennifer Depencier

Honouree: Don McIntyre

Location: Wing B, Level 1, by the Cafeteria entrance

(FYI: temporary location - this piece will be displayed in the Fracture Clinic once it moves into its permanent hom. 

Artist: Bill Schwarz

Honouree:  Chuck Phillips

Displayed: Wing C, Level 3, elevator lobby servicing Outpatient Mental Health and the Day Hospital

Michelle Braniff painting

Artist: Michele Braniff

Honouree: Marilyn Wilkinson

Displayed: Located in the Birthing Unit, Wing A, Level 4

Artist: Nancy Schwarz

Honouree: Sherry Peister

Displayed: Wing B, Level 3, Rehabilitation Unit

M. Braniff painting

Artist: Michele Braniff

Honouree: Angelo Loberto

Displayed: Wing A, Level 2, by the CMH Foundation


Artist: Michele Braniff

Honouree: Chris Brown

Displayed: Wing C, Level 2, Medical Day Care

Bill Schwarz water colour

Artist: Bill Schwarz

Honouree: Dr. Michael Lawrie

Displayed: Wing B, Level 4 in the elevator lobby


Artist: Michele Braniff

Honouree: Keith Martin

Displayed: Wing C, level 2, Medical Day Care

M. Braniff painting mixed media

Artist: Michele Braniff

Honouree: Patricia McLaren

Displayed: Wing B, Level 2, elevator lobby

Nancy Schwarz photograph

Artist: Nancy Schwarz

Honouree: Don Pavey

Displayed: Wing B, Level 5, Medicine Unit, north side window

M. Braniff painting

Artist: Michele Braniff

Honouree: Uel McFall

Displayed: Wing C, Level 1, elevator lobby