Board Policy Manual - Part 1

Part 1: The Hospital

The Organization

  • 1-A-02 Corporate Mission, Vision and Values
  • 1-A-03 Board Accountability
  • 1-A-04 Code of Conduct (including Board)
  • 1-A-05 Board Statement of Culture
  • 1-A-06 Ethics Framework
  • 1-A-08 Strategic Plan
  • 1-A-10 Operating Plan
  • 1-A-11 Annual Quality Improvement Plan
  • 1-A-12 Capital Budget 2022-2023
  • 1-A-13 CMH IT Strategic Plan 2017-2022
  • 1-A-14 Clinical Services Strategy
  • 1-A-15 CMH Programs
  • 1-A-20 CMH Organization Chart
  • 1-A-21 Patient Declaration of Values 
  • 1-A-22 Quality and Safety Plan - 2017-2019

Relationships and Partnerships

  • 1-B-02 The Health Care Environment (reference to OHA GtoGG)
  • 1-B-04 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Organization Chart
  • 1-B-05 Ministry of Health: Building a Sustainable Health Care System
  • 1-B-10 CMH Volunteer Association
  • 1-B-12 CMH Foundation

Legal Structure

  • 1-C-02 Legislative Compliance
  • 1-C-05 Letters Patent and Supplementary Letters Patent
  • 1-C-10 Corporate By-Law (Approved June 28, 2023)
  • 1-C-11 Medical/Professional Staff By-Law - Approved October 28, 2020
  • 1-C-13 Medical Professional Staff Credentialing Process
  • 1-C-14 Board's Role in the Credentialing Process
  • 1-C-20 Reporting on Compliance

Glossary of Terms

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