Board Policy Manual - Part 2

Part 2: The Board

Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

  • 2-A-02 Principles of Governance
  • 2-A-04 Roster of Directors
  • 2-A-06 Committee Membership
  • 2-A-08 Board Terms of Reference
  • 2-A-10 Audit Committee Terms of Reference
  • 2-A-11 Tri-Hospital Research Ethics Board (THREB) Terms of Reference 
  • 2-A-12 Executive Committee Terms of Reference
  • 2-A-14 Resources Committee Terms of Reference
  • 2-A-15 Capital Projects Sub-Committee Charter
  • 2-A-16 Governance Committee Charter
  • 2-A-17 Digital Health Strategy Sub-Committee Charter 
  • 2-A-18 Quality Committee Terms of Reference
  • 2-A-19 Medical Advisory Committee
  • 2-A-20 Role Description for Chair of the Board
  • 2-A-22 Role Description for Vice-Chair of the Board
  • 2-A-26 Role Description for the Board Secretary
  • 2-A-28 Role Description for Committee Chair
  • 2-A-30 Responsibilities of Director
  • 2-A-31 Ex-Officio Director Policy
  • 2-A-32 Responsibilities of Non-Director on Board Committee
  • 2-A-34 Confidentiality Policy
  • 2-A-36 Conflict of Interest Policy
  • 2-A-38 Board and Committee Meeting Attendance Policy

Oversight of Management and Professional Staff

  • 2-B-05 CEO Role Description
  • 2-B-06 Chief of Staff Role Description
  • 2-B-10 Succession Planning for the CEO and Executive Staff
  • 2-B-12 Succession Planning for the COS and Chiefs of Department
  • 2-B-15 Recruitment and Selection of the CEO
  • 2-B-16 Recruitment and Selection of the COS
  • 2-B-20 CMH Executive Compensation Policy
  • 2-B-25 CEO Performance Review Policy
  • 2-B-26 COS Performance Review Policy
  • 2-B-32 Vice President Clinical Programs and Chief Nursing Executive (VP/CNE) Role Description

Corporate Performance and Oversight

  • 2-C-10 Quality and Patient Safety
  • 2-C-20 Integrated Risk Management
  • 2-C-30 Financial Objectives
  • 2-C-31 Financial Planning and Performance
  • 2-C-32 Resource Protection and Liability
  • 2-C-34 Approval and Signing Authority
  • 2-C-36 Borrowing Policy
  • 2-C-38 Investment Policy
  • 2-C-40 Capital Projects - Change Order Approval Policy
  • 2-C-50 Performance Monitoring
  • 2-C-55 Hospital Naming Policy

Board Processes

  • 2-D-02 Board Policy Development, Review and Approval Policy
  • 2-D-04 Board and Committee Annual Work Plan 
  • 2-D-06 Board Meeting Agenda (including Consent Agenda)
  • 2-D-07 Quorum and Voting at Meetings Policy
  • 2-D-08 Board and Committee Meetings Policy
  • 2-D-09 Procedure for Members of the Public Addressing the Board
  • 2-D-10 Guidance for Decision Making Process
  • 2-D-11 Communications Policy
  • 2-D-12 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)
  • 2-D-16 Meeting of Independent Directors and Committee Members
  • 2-D-18 Board Succession Planning
  • 2-D-20 Recruitment, Selection, and Nomination of Directors and Non-Director Committee Members
  • 2-D-21 Staff Member Recruitment to Quality Committee 
  • 2-D-22 Board of Directors and Non-Director Committee Member Declaration
  • 2-D-24 Indemnity for Directors and D&O Insurance Coverage for Directors and Non-Director Committee Members
  • 2-D-30 Board and Board Committee Orientation
  • 2-D-32 Board Education for Board Members and Non-Director Committee Members
  • 2-D-34 Board Director Travel and Expense Policy
  • 2-D-40 Evaluation of Board, Committee, and Individual Performance
  • 2-D-45 Removal of a Director, Officer or Committee Member
  • 2-D-48 Whistleblower Policy
  • 2-D-50 Prequisites Policy
  • 2-D-60 Recognition of Board Serivce


Glossary of Terms

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