Patient / Caregiver Quality Improvement Partners (QI Partners)

Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) is currently accepting applications for Patient / Caregiver Quality Improvement Partners (QI Partners).

How do I become a QI Partner?

QI Partners are patients and or caregivers who have diverse healthcare experience and have ideally experienced care at CMH within the last 2 years. They believe their experience and time can help improve quality at CMH. They have an interest in quality and process improvement and are comfortable working with teams to share viewpoints, listen to other perspectives and offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.

What kind of responsibilities will QI partners have?

QI partners will work with our departmental quality improvement teams to represent the patient and family / caregiver perspective. This may include:

  • Particating in quality improvement workshops with out staff as a team member on departmental quality improvement projects
  • Attending departmental Quality and Operations Council meetings as necessary. These are monthly departmental meetings where key quality improvement goals and challenges are discussed and performance metrics and action plans are discussed, reviewed and monitored
  • Review and provide feedback on patient teaching literature and information
  • Attend Quality Improvement Training Sessions (held day to full day in duration)

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment for QI partners will be approximately 2 hours per month in addition to attending a quality improvement training sessions offered by the hospital. The training sessions are typically a half day to a full day.  

How do I apply?

It is easy. Click here to apply.

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