ReimagineCMH - our strategic plan

Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Over the past few years, our mandate as a hospital and organization was clear. We did what was necessary to keep our patients, staff, community and even Ontarians from across the province safe. The pandemic response from our staff and partner organizations was nothing short of exemplary. And now we are - hopefully - at the end of this chapter in our history, wondering where we will go next.  

This is why over eight months in 2022, we worked diligently on a Strategic Plan. This plan will help guide our thinking and decision making over the next five years. To develop it, we consulted with over 1400 stakeholders from the community and partner organizations - people that wanted to share their view about their hospital. They told us they want CMH to succeed. They said they are proud to have a values-based hospital of our caliber next door to them. It was so overwhelmingly positive that we even changed our mission to better reflect who we are: An exceptional health care organization keeping people at the heart of all we do.   

The hospital's future is real and one full of hope. It outlines our priorities to ‘advance health equity,’ ‘elevate partnerships,’ ‘reimagine community health,’ ‘increase joy in work’ and ‘sustain financial health.’ Our community and the people we serve are at the heart of the plan. You are encouraged to read it, see what inspires you and see what is possible for all of us in our future. See what inspires you. See how it will guide thinking. See what is possible for all of us in our future. Click here to read the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan 

ImagineCMH - CMH's 2022-2027 strategic plan

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