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  • We are currently building a brand new hospital
  • The project comprises the construction of a brand new patient care wing and extensive renovations
  • It includes 240,000 square feet of new construction
  • It also includes 150,000 square feet of renovations to the current Wing B.
  • Total cost of the project is fixed at $187 million.

If you have a question about how the redevelopment of the CMH will impact you, please let us know.

Transformation CMH FAQs

When will the construction project be finished?

Construction of a hospital is a lot more involved than building a condominium or big box store. A hospital must meet strict health care building codes so that it can provide the safest possible environment for patients. At this time, our contractor says the new Patient Care Wing A should be available for CMH to occupy in the late fall of 2018, early winter of 2019. This is behind the original schedule our contractor said at the start of the project. The cost is fixed at $187M and our focus is to continue providing exceptional patient care, while ensuring the quality of the new build is high.

Once we move into the new patient care wing, renovations to bring our current Patient Care Wing B to the same stringent building codes as the new wing will begin. This renovation will be far more complex than building a new structure and will last more than two years. The entire project is slated to finish late 2021.

Why do you need to refurbish the hospital?

The current hospital is outdated and does not meet the needs of our staff, our patients and our growing community. It is simply too small for a community of our size. For example, the Emergency Department was built to accommodate less than 35,000 patients a year, yet it sees more than 55,000 patients! There is also a need for expanded services which cannot be met with the current building. This means many local patients must go elsewhere to receive the care they need.

To meet our community's needs, both Medicine and Surgery units will receive a combined 33 more beds. There will be five new intensive care beds, two new maternal beds and  four more paediatric beds. Patients will be in rooms that meet the latest care, privacy and infection control standards.

Finally, staff want to work in an environment that is new, up-to-date and technologically advanced. By having a bright, modern new hospital, we will be able to attract the best medical staff to our community.

Why are 80% of patient rooms private in the new hospital design?

The new hospital design calls for 80% of patient rooms to be single occupancy in order to meet the strict new hospital building codes put into place by government after the deadly SARS outbreak in the mid-2000s. The remaining 20% of rooms will either be semi-private (two-bed) or ward (four-bed) rooms, built much larger than current standards. All rooms will be elder friendly, accessible and meet privacy, plus strict infection control guidelines.

All patients admitted to hospital will get a bed appropriate for their medical needs. By making 80% of our rooms private, CMH will be in the enviable position of having beds readily available to quickly move patients to single occupancy rooms in order to provide the safest environment for patients who either have an infection or are at high risk of infection. Isolation also protects our staff, physicians and even other patients, especially during outbreaks. While a high number of single bed rooms may better position us to accommodate private room requests funded by insurance and other means, this is a by-product of the hospital design. The current practice is that all patients admitted to a private room because of medical necessity do not pay a private room fee. This will continue in future when the hospital is built.

What will happen during construction?

A new patient care wing is being built on the west side of the existing hospital. Once completed, this new wing will be approximately 240 000 sq. feet in size, which is much larger than the size of a typical big box store. After we move in, about 150 000 sq. feet of existing space in Wing B of the hospital will be renovated to meet new hospital standards. If there is a development that might affect people accessing the hospital because of construction, the hospital will use local media, its website and social media (Facebook, Twitter) to inform the public.

How much will a new building cost?

The cost to build the new patient care wing and renovate the existing one will be $187 million.

How much does the community have to fundraise for the new hospital?

As with any new public building that is built in Ontario, the community helps pay part of the costs. Typically, the province pays for the majority of these costs (90% construction) and the community pays for a portion, plus 100% of the equipment and furniture that will be put into the building. The good news is we are not starting from nothing. The One Voice, One Vision campaign raised about $10 million and there are contributions from the City of Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo for about $14 million dollars. Both these generous contributions are part of a $50 million "TransformationCMH" campaign.

Where can I get more information about CMH’s Capital Redevelopment Project?

Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation website