How do I become a volunteer at CMH?

CMH is always accepting volunteer applications. We are currently accepting volunteers in non-clinical programs: Ambassador, Diagnostic Imaging, Patient Registration, Surgical Day Care, the Red Poppy Gift Shop and the Recovery Room thrift shop. 

  • Complete the application form, reference forms and police reference check.
  • Contact Volunteer Services to schedule an interview time
  • Successful applicants are required to complete a health review including a two-step TB test.
  • Attend a 2.5-hour orientation session

What is the time commitment?

  • Typically, a 6-month commitment to the program is required, some programs require at least 1 year's commitment
  • Absences must be reported to your department and the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at least 24 hours prior to your shift

Do I need to have certain qualifications if I want to be a volunteer at CMH?

Volunteers are required to be able to speak fluent English.

What will I be doing, and will I be having contact with patients?

Volunteer positions can be categorized into three areas:

Patient Focused

  • Patient Care Units
  • Emergency
  • Surgery
  • Registration
  • Medical Day Clinic
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Hospital Elder Life Program
  • Hospital Ambassador
  • And many others

Support Services

  • Volunteer Association Office Support
  • Hopsital Administrative Support
  • Information Desk
  • Environmental Services
  • Foundation Office

Fundraising Services

  • Gift Shop
  • Supporting Fundraising Activities
  • The Recovery Room Shop

How are placement decisions made?

Placement decisions are made based on hopsital needs and the candidate's skills and interests.

Can I change my placement area?

Volunteers are encouraged to make a minimum commitment of 6 months to their current placement. However, should other opportunities exist, a change can be arranged or you can volunteer in more than one area if you wish and if there is availability.

Can I take holidays?

Taking time for yourself as a volunteer is very important to us at CMH, and holidays are permitted. Always ensure that you make Volunteer Services aware at least a week prior to taking time off.