Green Initiatives

Cambridge Memorial Hospital is committed to environmental sustainability through different initiatives and projects. Some of the areas we are trying to improve, reduce or reuse include:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Corporate leadership, planning and management

Ongoing projects:

 Conservation & Demand Management Plan 2014

Green House Gas Emissions

As per Broader Public Sector requirements, Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) posts its Green House Gas Emissions (GHG) on an annual basis for the most recent reporting period.

In 2020 (January - December), CMH emitted 4,946,714 kg of GHG as a result of its facility operations (reported July 7, 2022).

CMH's broader commitment to the environment is to exercise good corporate stewardship and to continueinvestigating and developing strategies to lower its emission value on an ongoing basis.


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