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Qualifications and Expectations

All Volunteers are members of the Volunteer Association. Adult volunteers are 19 years of age or older. Volunteens are between the ages of 16 and 18.

Volunteers are required to contribute at least 2 hours a week, one half-day (4 hours) per week or more depending on availability and interest. For Adults we require a minimum commitment of 6 months. Student volunteers are required to contribute at least 2 hours per week, and make a minimum commitment of 60 hours.

All volunteers are required to complete a 2-step TB skin test and communicable disease assessment. This is a requirement under the Ontario Public Hospitals Act. It is for the protection of our patients as well as for yourself. At the time of the placement interview, we will ensure you make an appointment with our Employee Health Department. They will need to know your immune status for Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis and other common communicable diseases. Blood tests may be required.

Criminal Reference Checks
As part of the screening process, we are requesting a Police Records Check to be completed. Cambridge Memorial Hospital provides services to people who are considered a vulnerable population and for this reason, a Police Records Check (PRC) is necessary. Effective June 1, 2004 all volunteers must have a PRC completed before being placed. The cost of the Police Records Check is $10.00 when accompanied with a letter from Volunteer Resources. This fee will be reimbursed after fifteen hours of volunteer time for adults and 60 hours of volunteer time for teens upon request. All information will be handled with the strictest of confidence for your respect and privacy to ensure our commitment and dedication to the volunteers. Instructions for completing a criminal reference check is provided as part of the Application Package.

Volunteers must wear a uniform while performing their duties at the hospital along with a name tag. Both are to be worn at all times, while on duty. The first uniform is free of charge. Any additional uniforms are $20.00.

How to apply

The first step to joining our team is to come to the Hospital and pick up a Volunteer Application Package.

The Application Package can be picked up at Volunteer Association office on the 1st Level, one floor below main of Cambridge Memorial Hospital or at the Information desk in the mail lobby.

The applications are also available for download under Related Documents on the left.

5 Steps to be completed

  1. Application Package

    Prospective volunteers must complete the entire application package, according to their interest:

    Volunteer Association applicant

    • Volunteer Association application form including 2 references which must be provided, signed and completed
    • Police records check
    • Health review

    Once completed, please mail to or drop off the application package to the address listed at the bottom of the application package.

  2. Screening
    • All applicants are screened by the Volunteer Resources. As part of the screening process, volunteers will have a health review which includes a two step T.B. Skin test

  3. Interview
    • Volunteer Resources will interview, select, and place volunteers
    • Volunteers are placed according to the needs of the Hospital, patients, and families as well as the volunteers interests and skill level
  4. Orientation
    • All volunteers must attend a general orientationsession
    • Placement, start date & training information will be confirmed at this session
    • Volunteers will sign a letter of commitment and a confidentiality agreement
  5. Area Specific Training
    • Upon completion of our general orientation, all volunteers may be required to attend area specific training session prior to starting their placement

(reviewed Oct. 2013)