Staff Directory

Main Contact:

Main phone line: 519-621-2330
fax: 519-740-4938
TTY: 519-621-9180 

Hospital Fax Numbers

Health Records Release of Information
519-621-2333 ext. 1382

Other Contact Information:

Media Inquiries
Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 2427

Patient Experience Lead 
Contact: Jane Ottman
Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 2360

Administrative Contact

Title Name Ext
Chief Executive Officer Patrick Gaskin 2301
Chief of Staff, VP Medical Affairs Kunuk Rhee 2305
Vice President Finance & Corporate Services / Chief Financial & Information Officer Mike Prociw 2414
Vice President of Clinical Programs and Chief Nursing Executive Sandra Hett 2416
Senior Director, Strategy & Performance & CIO Mari Iromoto 2504
Clinical Director, Medical Programs Kim Siegel 2416
Director, Mental Health and Emergency Rita Sharrat 2166
Director, Surgical Programs Nicole Craven 2346
Director, Human Resources Susan Toth 1327
Director, Capital Redevelopment Bill Prokopowich (Interim) 3339
Director, IMT & Corporate Services Michael Meyette 2429
Director, Patient Experience, Risk and Quality Liane Barefoot 1229
Director, Diagnostic Imaging Cheryl Livingston 2239
Director, Laboratory, Cardiac Diagnostics & Infection Prevention and Control Barry Vermeersch 2284
Director, Pharmacy Jennifer Visocchi 1215
Director, Finance & Supply Chain Ernie Sersen 2312

Program/Service Contact

Title Name Ext
Clinical Nutrition & Diabetes Education Program Liane Barefoot 1229
CMH/WWLHIN Integrated Maria Fage 4289
CRU Cheryl Livingston 2239
Diagnostic Imaging Cheryl Livingston 2239
Emergency Melissa Sockett (Interim) 5371
Finance Valerie Smith-Sellers 2354
Food Services & Environmental Services Nicole Evans 1224
Health Information Management & Privacy Sherri Martin 2362
ICU and Medical Day Care Jennifer Smith 3064
Infection Control Practitioner Ellen Otterbein 2344
Infection Control Practitioner Samantha Erskine 2348
Information Management Technology Walter Winkler 1495
Inpatient Surgery Sandra Bradshaw 4043
Laboratory Barry Vermeersch 2284
Medicine Mary Leversidge 3347
Mental Health Maureen Garner 2235
Mental Health Services (Out-Patients) Maureen Garner 2235
OBS/Peds, Nursing Resource Team Rosemary Lywood 3391
Pastoral Care Rob Heintz 2124
Patient Experience Lead Jane Ottman 2360
Perioperative Services Alean Jackman 3096
Pharmacy Jennifer Visocchi 1215
Physical Plant and Property Jason Smith 3341
Planning & Redevelopment Donald Hall 2366
Public Affairs and Communications Stephan Beckhoff 2427
Purchasing and Supply Chain Fitzroy Johnson 1312
Rehab Sandra Bradshaw 4043
Transformation Office Kyle Leslie 1104
Volunteer Services Linda Rodrigues 5308