Message from the CEO & Board Chair

Message from the Board Chair and the President: July, 2013

Welcome to Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s (CMH) website. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information about our hospital. Our vision is to provide the residents of Cambridge and North Dumfries with exceptional, high quality and safe patient care by our exceptional staff, physicians and volunteers.

Since our last report in January, 2013, we have been focusing on three organizational priorities: providing high quality care to our patients, delivering care that is sustainable and building our new hospital.

Emergency Departments all across Ontario put in a lot of effort to pull patients through the system when they need care. An indicator the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (Ministry) closely follows is the time it takes for a patient to be admitted into hospital. Before admission can happen, the patient needs to be assessed, seen by the doctor, have all tests requisitioned, performed, and then reviewed to see whether they need treatment and sent home, or treatment with hospitalization. The benchmark set out by the Ministry is for hospitals to admit 90% of patients within eight hours or less. We currently do this for almost 81% of our patients! We are very encouraged by this and it is our top priority to bring this number closer to 90% over the next year.

Our Annual Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 26 to a full house. We heard many exceptional stories from the past year and saw a glimpse into our future with an excellent presentation by our newest plastic surgeon, Dr. Amy Chesney. In September 2013, she will bring to CMH an innovative breast reconstruction surgery for women with cancer that will be unique to our region. The community was also informed of our strong year-end financial performance. Our revenues exceeded our expenses by over $5M. After paying for restructuring costs, we have $2.8M to pay down our debts and purchase new equipment for the hospital. Funding for medical equipment is not done through the government, but rather by monies raised by the hospital and through our partners, the CMH Foundation and the CMH Volunteer Association.

We are very pleased to say we are in the construction phase of our project. While a shovel is not yet in the ground, we have issued a ‘request for qualifications’ which has opened the door to the construction industry. This phase pre-qualifies large construction firms that can handle a project of this size. These pre-qualified companies will be the ones allowed to bid on the project once it goes out to tender. We are also finishing the working drawings for our hospital. These drawings include every little detail of the hospital, right down to the socket and where the plumbing must lie behind the walls! Once approved and signed off by the Ministry, it will be sent to the pre-qualified firms who will review our plans and bid on the project. The fall cannot come too soon for all of us!

At CMH, we are proud of demonstrating our accountabilities to our community. We believe that a transparent hospital is one you can trust. You can view the patient safety public reporting indicators we report to the public, such as the surgical safety checklist. You can see our commitment to patient safety by reading the latest Quality Improvement Plan for 2012-13. All of our accountabilities are grouped under four easy to navigate tabs called Quality, Finance, Wait Time and Policy.

If you want to learn more about us and our accomplishments over the past year, please read our Report to our Community or join up to read communit-E-cast newsletter. We welcome input from our community and would like to what you have to say about CMH. If you have a story to share or a concern you want answered, please send your message using the contact information below.

Angelo Loberto, Chair, Board of Directors

Patrick Gaskin,  President and CEO

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