COVID-19 Assessment Centre Update: new phone system to handle call volumes

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

CMH COVID Assessment Centre Update:

new telephone system to handle call volumes

Cambridge, Ontario – In advance of opening in its new location, CMH’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre management decided to start using new telephone technology right away. This was done to help booking clerks manage the incredible demand for COVID tests and help manage the anxiety this may cause people who are unable to get through right away to book an appointment. The technology will place callers in a queue, give them a number and forward callers to the next available clerk.

As of Wednesday, October 21 those who are symptomatic and seeking a COVID-19 test can call 226-895-1050 and follow the options for coming in to get tested, booking a test or rescheduling/canceling a test.

“The plan was to implement this technology in the new space. But with the incredibly high demand for COVID testing in our community, we decided to bump it up so that anyone who calls for test will know where they are in line rather than getting a busy signal. While it won’t solve the wait time, it may provide some relief from the frustration of calling in multiple times.,” said Rita Sharratt, Director, Clinical Programs.

On October 28, the COVID-19 Assessment Centre will open at 215 Holiday Inn Drive. This new location will be fully accessible and have increased capacity for parking.