Masking is optional for patients and visitors

Monday, April 24, 2023

On Monday April 24, CMH started a phased approach to transition from mandatory to optional masking. Similar to the beginning of the pandemic when masks were first mandated to higher risk areas, this phased approach is the reverse of that process.

Masking is now optional in the public and most staff-only areas of the hospital, like hallways, offices and staff break rooms. If Patients and visitors decide to wear a mask, they can access a surgical-grade mask at any of the masks dispensers located at all entrances of the hospital. 

However, masks remain mandatory for all staff, physicians, midwives and volunteers when providing direct patient care or interacting with patients (i.e., less than two metres) in clinical areas. The exception is in Medical Day Clinic (i.e., cancer care) and other certain instances where Universal Masking continues - this includes patients presenting to the Emergency Department or their clinical appointments with symptoms of respiratory illness and when visiting a patient that is under droplet, airborne or contact precautions.

Like before the pandemic, visitors are asked not to come to hospital if they feel unwell.