Mental Health Week May 3-9, 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021

Knowledge Cafe title over a cup with a steaming hot drink

The Mental Health Family
Advisory Committee and CMH
welcome our Cambridge Community Mental Health Service Providers
to join us at the
CMH Mental Health Knowledge Café

Our Knowledge Café this year has a number of our Mental Health community partners sharing information about their services through a power point or video presentation. These presentations are on the CMH website to view and revisit throughout Mental Health Week May 3-9, 2021. The invitation is extended to patients, families and friends of Mental Health patients or anyone interested in learning more about community services.

Mental Health Services in our community are an important part of helping patients and families in taking care and maintaining their mental health, just like we do for our physical health. Community is all about feeling connected, and having information and resources shared and available, as well as knowing how to reach out for help when needed, is vital. Our CMH Website always has resource information under the Mental Health Program tab for crisis intervention.

Graphic listing of mental health issues and topics