Regional First: Endoscopic Ultrasound Clinic brings care closer to home

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Cambridge, OntarioCambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) is very proud to introduce Endoscopic Ultrasound to the region. This medical technology is essential for the assessment and management of many different gastrointestinal diseases and has growing uses as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. CMH is currently, the only hospital within these regions to have this equipment.

“Endoscopic Ultrasound will have a significant impact on our patients,” said Dr. Dan Kottachchi, Gastroenterologist. “It is underutilized in Ontario, so we’re excited to have it at CMH. It is an important diagnostic tool with huge benefits when staging cancers. Hard to reach organs can be biopsied and we can even remove smaller lesions without having to send the patient to surgery. The combination of both a high definition camera with high resolution ultrasound images provides us with the means to offer more to the patient by way of diagnosis, treatment and even pain relief for enhanced palliative care.” [VIDEO: Dr. Kottachchi explains the procedure]

CMH is now accepting referrals from within the Region of Waterloo and Wellington County, reducing the need for patients to travel outside their area for care.

“Our plan is to grow our services so that we can offer the highest level of care to our community. Before acquiring this technology, patients had to travel to Oakville and further even. Having this service at our hospital should keep up to 450 people a year from having to go elsewhere,” said Dr. Augustin Nguyen, Chief of Medicine. “As we bring this level of care closer to home, we are grateful for the collaborative relationship we have with our Foundation to help identify the local partnerships and donors that can fund and put the best tools in the hands of our clinicians.”

"Access to innovative equipment and timely care, will help us meet the growing needs of local families. Community dollars fund 100% of the equipment and technology in our Hospital. I want to thank our community of donors for ensuring we have best in class care is delivered close to home for all of us.” said Lisa Short, Executive Director, Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation.

endoscopy ultrasound opening

CMH’s endoscopic ultrasound program started seeing patients in October. Referrals to the clinic are by physician and nurse practitioner referral only.