Your guide to CMH changes January 13 through 20

view from Level 4
Monday, January 13, 2020

Please use this page as a guide to the planned changes that are happening as we move into Wing A. The program units that are not moving over are Medicine B (Wing B, Level 2), Rehabilitation (Wing B, Level 2) and Inpatient Surgery (Wing B, Level 3):

January 13 

  • Pay for parking can only be made in Wing C, level 1, elevator lobby only (5 days). The parking kiosk by the current main entrance is relocated to the front of the new wing and will be out of commission until January 18.

January 15 - 17 

  • Tim Hortons will close to pack their equipment and move. Complementary hot beverages will be provided for visitors in the currrent cafeteria area (Wing C, Level 0).
  • "Cafe du Monde" food truck will be parked outside of the current Main Entrance (Wing B), offering light lunch and dinner items between 0930 - 1730h.

January 18

  • 0000 - 0659h, present to the current Emergency Triage in Wing C if you are in need of emergency care. If you arrive after 0700h (7:00 a.m.), please proceed to the Emergency Department in Wing A, Level 1
  • Between 0700 (Jan. 18) and 0800 (Jan. 19), women in labour are to present to the new Emergency Department in Wing A. They will be brought to the Wing C Birthing Unit. Prior to 0700 (Jan. 18) please proceed to Emergency Triage in Wing C for registration. 
  • Visitor parking changes (0700): Lot #3, behind the hospital, reverts to a staff parking lot. Lot #2, in front of new wing, becomes visitor only & on-call parking (see Parking & Entrances graphic below)
  • Medicine Unit A and Intensive Care move to their permanent locations in Wing A
  • Tim Hortons opens in its new location, Wing A, Level 0
  • GRT moves bus stop to in front of Wing A (see graphic)

January 19

  • 0800 - Birthing Unit opens in Wing A, Level 1
  • Women & Children Program (level 4), Inpatient Mental Health (Level 3) move to their permanent homes in Wing A

January 20

  • Patient Registration opens at 0600 (Level 1 - enter Main Entrance into Wing A - it is immediately to your right)
  • Mental Health Day Hospital opens  (Level 3)

Parking and Entrances (January 18, 0700h)

Parking lots are not to scale. People visiting Wings A & B should park in Lot #2. People visiting Wings C & D or have an appointment at the Cardio-Respiratory Unit or MRI, should park in Lot #4.