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Patient Meals

Patients may now order their food through our new CBORD patient app. Like 'Uber Eats,' patients download an app to their device and register. Once logged in, they can browse menu options which are customized to their  allergies, intolerences and dietary recommendations as recommended by their dietitian and care team. Once ordered, the food will be delivered at the set meal deliver times:

Breakfast: 7:40 a.m. - 8:40 a.m.
Lunch: 11:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.
Dinner: 4:40 p.m. - 5:40 p.m.

Please note: Patients who are observing Ramadan should speak with their health care team to determine if it is safe to continue fasting while admitted to hospital.  If your team deems it safe, please contact Food Services to see if arrangements can be made for food delivery by calling ext. 1220. Food Services will review the request and make arrangements when possible.

May food be brought in for me?

Your loved ones may bring you food and snacks if you are not on a special diet. Before asking anyone to bring in food, please check with your nurse or doctor to make certain this will not affect you . Our primary concern is your wellbeing as some foods can interact with medicines and treatments. There are kitchenettes on some inpatient floors, which may have a fridge, toaster or microwave and hot water available for patient use. Please ask a member of your care team if one is available on your floor.

Frequently Asked Questions for CBORD Patient App

What is CBORD Patient app?

CBORD Patient app is a tool for patients or their designated care- givers to select their own menus within the available pool of food items set up at particular meal of the day. Patients or their care-givers can place the order for patients’ meals for today and tomorrow as long as tray tickets have not been printed. It is not a room service, so our meal delivery time remains the same. This app is to order for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Snacks are not available at this time. 

How do I access to CBORD Patient app?

It is recommended that you connect your personal device to the CMH Hotspot wireless network. There are two ways to access to CBORD app:

  1. Visit (*Use of Chrome is strongly advised)
  2. Scan the QR code

Apple Store

Google Play


Apple Store QR code


Google play QR code


What information do I need to use the CBORD patient app?

You will need your:

  • Hospital Facility ID - this will be given to you by nursing staff at admission
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Medical Record Number - this is a six-digit number found on your patient bracelet;

Can all patients use the CBORD patient app?

No. There are diets that are not allowed to use Patient app

These non-select diets include:<

  • NPO (Nothing by Mouth), Ice Chips, or Pediatric No Tray
  • All Clear Full Fluid Diets
  • Puree Diet
  • Pediatric Diabetic Diets
  • Pediatric Minced Diet
  • Post Gastrectomy Diet
  • Renal Diet
  • Seclusion Diet
  • Tube Feeding or TPN diet

I am on a diet that is listed on the CBORD patient app, but I cannot use it?<

There are two reasons why you might not be able to order.

You may be in in a unit that does not allow the use of the CBORD patient app. These include Emergency and Labour and Delivery. Patients in these areas receive a boxed meal instead.

You may be too late to place the order. Once the tray ticket has been printed, you cannot select your menus. You should be able to select your menus for next day.

Do I need to pay for the CBORD patient app?

No. The app is free for patients to use.

What if I cannot use the CBORD patient app, but still want to select my own menus?

You can simply call Diet Office at ext. 1220, and ask for assistance. When leaving a voicemail, please include your full name and room number. Food Services staff will call you to review your menu selections.

Do I still get a meal if I don’t want to use the app?

Absolutely. Patients still receive a meal tray with a system-generated menu even if they do not place the order via the CBORD patient app.

Why do I get a different meal from my selections when I place the order for my meals via Patient app?

It may be possible for patients to receive a meal tray with food items different from patients’ selection. The reason for the change may include any of the following;

  • Diet change as made by your care team
  • Allergy information change
  • 'Hold Tray' or 'Bagged Meal' order that is in place because you need to go for a test or procedure.

Once the new diet is entered in the system, patients may go back to CBORD patient app and re-select the menus for the next available meals

Why do I get the extra food items that I did not select?

There is a series of processes that may affect your order.

  • Previous admission with preferences entered in patients’ Card File in CBORD may affect the menus on tray tickets.
  • Patients may also receive supplement orders by doctors or dietitians.
  • Some food items may follow with patients’ menu selections, such as gravies, sauces or condiments.
  • If patients are on restricted fluid diet or special diet, the system may add or remove items to meet the nutrient goal. So be sure to make your menu selections close to your nutrient goal.

I have multiple allergies. Is it safe to use CBORD Patient app?

Food items that appear on CBORD patient app are safe as long as patients inform their food allergies to nursing staff upon admission. If the information is entered in the system, then all food items patients see on Patient app are allowed for patients’ diets and allergies. If you don’t get many  menu selections due to multiple allergies or diets, please ask to speak to the dietitian.

I am on specialized therapeutic diet. Is it safe to use CBORD patient app?

Yes. If your therapeutic diets are entered in the system, the system will check the compliancy of each food item for your diets, and only show the food items allowed for you in Patient app.

The system also tracks nutrients, such as sodium, fluid and carbohydrates if your diet is 2g Sodium diet, Restricted Fluid diet or Gestational Diabetic 2000kcal diet respectively. Then, the app will guide you as you select your menus to show how much sodium, fluid and carbohydrate you can select.

What if my diet order is changed?

The app will automatically update the diet change, and check the patient’s menu selections. For example, patient A selects their choices based on general diet, but the diet has been changed to healthy heart diet. The system will check the the original menu choices against the healthy heart diet. If these menu selections are still allowed for the new diet, patients will be able to receive them. If not, the system will replace with the other food items within the same category.

If the diet order changes to another diet that is not allowed for CBORD patient app, then patients can no longer use the app to select their menu. Instead, the patient will receive a system-generated tray menu. 

Can my guests order their meals?

No. At present, we do not offer meals to patients’ guests. 

What about security?

CBORD Patient app is secure. It accesses our hospital food item nutrition database through TLS/HTTPS JWT-based authentication using public/private asymmetric keys. Personal and health information is never kept on the app, on any device or transmitted out over the internet. Also the app does not save the credentials. The email address, if you choose to enter, is used only for password resets. All transmission is encrypted using TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES.

Specialty Food Purchases for Outpatients

Outpatients may purchase some specialty food items from CMH. These may include a variety of thickened products for people who experience difficulty swallowing. We have attached a complete list of available products. Please follow link to view the order sheet and the steps for ordering and picking up products at the hospital.

ORDERING Specialty Food Items

Tim Hortons & Snacks

If your care team says it is OK, you may visit the hospital's full service Tim Hortons in Wing A, Level 0 to purchase food. You can also purchase snacks at the Gift Shop (Wing A, Level 1), and several vending machines located throughout the hospital. Please visit 'Hospital Amenities' to learn more about these services. 


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