Hospital Room Services


Sheets and pillowcases will be changed every five days or when soiled. Fresh towels and face clothes will be provided daily. You may bring your own pillow and blanket from home, if you wish.


We will post mail for you. Stamps can be purchased in the Gift Shop in Wing C, Level 0 by the Tim Hortons.

Television and Telephone

You can arrange to rent a bedside television or telephone by completing and returning an order form located at the Surgical Inpatient front desk or by calling 519-621-2330 ext 1357. Prices and payment methods are identified on the forms. Forms are collected and service is activated once daily. You can also visit How to Rent at the Hospitality Network site to find out the rental rates for CMH. TV/Phone services are provided by Hospitality Network. A portion of the revenue from rental services is donated to CMH.

WiFi Service

Stay connected to your world with free WiFi. Simply connect to CMH_Hotspot.