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Patient Story - Katelyn Podger. July 2016


I recently had a procedure at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and wanted to commend all the staff, Dr. Jan, Dr. Abrams, and the girls who assist the docs, specifically Melissa and Tiffany.

Everyone was so friendly, warm and helpful, and it really made a difference. I also work in a healthcare environment and was really impressed with just how great everyone in this department is.

Often times staff aren’t told enough!


Patient Story - Anonymous. July 2016

"I came into the Emergency Department with my sister through EMS. I was impressed with the level of care provided to my sister. From the paramedics, to nurse Ashley & Dr. Roy, my sister, being 6 months pregnant, was shown care and compassion. She was seen timely. All members of CMH were professional and treated her with respect.

Thank you for all you do!"

Patient Story - Joseph Dobranski. August 2016

“I came and was looked after right away. The nurses are helpful, pleasant, and explain everything. Staff keep a quick pace and always have a smile. Everything has been good and I’m very impressed!”

Patient Story - from "K". August 2016

"I’m really appreciative of Wade and Jessica for their help with my video physician consult, and Tanya, Sharlene and Tricia with my MRI. They sensed I was nervous, got me a drink and helped calm me down. They were great! Thank you!”

Patient Story - from Sandy Spiegelhalter. August 2016

“Everyone in the Emergency Department was so caring and wonderful. They were quick too! I was in the operating room before I knew it.”

Patient Story - Eileen Willis, submitted by daughter, Carol Luckhardt. September 2016

"Nursing, PSWs and doctors were amazing before, during and after my mother’s passing. I can’t say enough about the care and compassion shown to her and our family!"

Patient Story - from Jim Anscomb. September 2016

Regarding Surgery: "Everyone was magical, absolutely spectacular – the whole staff... the entire experience!"

Thanks to CMH Surgery Team

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