Coming to Hospital

The hospital is open for patient care. Emergency services, surgeries (urgent, emergency), cancer treatments, diagnostic tests and many other health care services continue during the pandemic. Masking is mandatory. You can get a hospital-issued mask at any of the hospital's entrances. Please be advised that anyone who has symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID may not visit the hospital for ten days from the onset of their symptoms. The reason is that someone sick with COVID can still transmit the virus for a ten-day period, putting an entire floor of sick patients at an even greater risk.

Are you a visitor? Please review the Visiting and COVID-19 page for more details. 

If you have an appointment, know or do the following:

  • Parking - prior to your visit, ask the booking clerk in which parking lot (#2 or #4) to park in that is best for your appointment.
  • Entrances - you can access the hospital using any of the hospital's entrances. Ask the booking clerk which entrance is best for you. 
  • Screening - everyone, including staff, must self-screen before coming into the hospital. Please review screening protocols in your preferred language
  • Masks - a hospital issued-mask is to be worn at all times while in hospital. Mask dispensers are located at every entrance of the hospital. 

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