Preferred Accommodations

Enhance Your Hospital Experience

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:
Preferred Accommodations Clerk at 519-621-2333 ext 2278.

To enhance your hospital experience, we offer a Preferred Accommodation Program which includes a private or semi-private room. These rooms offer additional privacy and convenience.

Our current rates are:

  • Private: $275/day
  • Semi-Private: $235/day

When you arrive at the hospital, the Registration Clerk will ask you to verify your extended health insurance information. We recommend that you review your insurance coverage with your Provider prior to visiting the hospital to ensure that you are covered for semi-private or private accommodations. Prior to admission you will be asked if you would like a semi-private or private room and you will be asked to sign a Preferred Accommodation acknowledgement form. This form allows the hospital to bill your insurance company on your behalf and acknowledges that you understand that you are responsible for any charges that are not covered by insurance. Please read the form carefully before signing.

Television and Telephone Services

Television and telephone services are available through Hospitality Network. Request cards are available on each Inpatient unit in the hospital.

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