ADHD Treatment Study

Brock After-School ADHD Treatment Study: Cognitive Training for 8-16 year old Youth with ADHD at Cambridge Memorial Hospital

This is a modified Cogmed evidence-based computer program to improve working memory

We are seeking youth with concerns related to attention and/or behavior to participate in a study comparing 2 treatments for youth who have ADHD: standard treatment vs. a working memory training program. Compared with standard treatment, the working memory training program may cause a greater reduction in ADHD symptoms, improve thinking and academic skills, and improve social and emotional functioning.

The investigators of this study are Dr. Sol Sandberg at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and Dr. Tara McAuley at the University of Waterloo. For more information about the study, please contact Dr. Sol Sandberg at Mental Health Services at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (phone: 519-740-4900; fax-519-740-4936). Physician referrals also can be sent directly to Dr. Sol Sandberg (fax: 519-740-4936).                                                                                                                  

Potential Benefits:   Youth may experience a reduction in their ADHD symptoms. Youth who receive working memory training may also improve their thinking skills, academics, and social-emotional functioning.

Potential Risks:  There are no anticipated risks for this study, though some youth may become frustrated, restless, upset, and/or bored by the completion of questionnaires and/or psychological testing. Youth will be offered breaks and may stop at any time. Staff will at all times support youth.

Youth who complete psychological testing before, immediately after, and 3-months after the 10 weeks of standard treatment or working memory training will receive a $100 iTunes gift card. Youth who participate in working memory training also will receive a $2 Tim Horton’s gift card for each training session they attend at the hospital. Youth who participate in working memory training and who attend most of the sessions also will earn an iPad. This iPad will be given at the final feedback meeting. Youth who receive standard treatment will have the option of enrolling in video game training after the study is completed.

Parking or bus tickets will be provided to all participants.

Participation in this study is by Free Informed Consent and Confidentiality assured. The investigators will abide by all Federal and Provincial Laws regarding Privacy and Freedom of Information Acts.  

We would like to assure you that this study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the Tri-Hospital Research Ethics Board and the University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee. However, the final decision about participation is yours. If you have any comments or concerns resulting from your participation in this study, please contact Dr. Michael Coughlin, Chair, Tri-Hospital Research Ethics Board (519-749-4300 ext. 5367 or or Dr. Maureen Nummelin, the Director of the Office of Research Ethics at the University of Waterloo (519-888-4567, ext. 36005 or