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Counselling Services

Employee Assistance Programs

Many employers provide their employees (and sometimes their family members) with access to counselling services. There is typically information available from Human Resources departments.

Workplace Benefits

Many employers offer access to social work, psychology, psychotherapy, or other services as part of their extended health benefits. These benefits may require a doctor’s referral. The details can be found in the benefits booklet.

Family Health Teams

For people who receive care from a family health team (such as Grandview Medical or Two Rivers Family Health Team) there is often a social worker or counselling available to provide support. Contact their office to learn more.

HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre

HopeSpring offers cancer care counselling to people experiencing cancer and their loved ones. Services can be requested by calling 519-742-4673 or completing a referral form on the HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre Home Page.

Hospice of Waterloo Region

Individual and family counselling for people who are living with a life threatening illness. Groups and supports for bereavement are also provided.

Community Counselling Agencies

These counselling agencies provide free counselling for people who receive Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program. They also offer some subsidized rates for people where the cost would be prohibitive.


PsychologyToday provides a listing of counsellors that offer service privately. Each will have their own rates, availability, and specializations.

Here 24/7

Crisis support and access to mental health and addiction services.

Bereavement Supports


Wellbeing and Support Services

Hopespring Cancer Support Centre

Cancer care counselling, peer groups, complimentary therapies (yoga, Tai Chi), educational programs, fabric caps/wigs/post-mastectomy camisoles, and many other supports to people whose lives are affected by cancer.


Informational, emotional support, meditation, workshops, practical, and other supports for people with cancer.

Hospice of Waterloo Region

Hospice of Waterloo Region provides a wide variety of programs and services in the community and at the Hospice Family Centre. These programs and services are designed to help and support individuals who are living with a life threatening illness, their families, and their care providers. These include volunteer visiting, day away programs, complimentary therapies, transportation, hair salon, vigiling, legacy activities, counselling, and bereavement support.

Canadian Cancer Society

Support connecting to services and resources for people with cancer.

Cancer specific societies:

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Childhood Cancer Canada

Colorectal Cancer Resource and Action Network

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

Lung Cancer Canada

Lymphedema Association of Canada

Melanoma Network of Canada

Ovarian Cancer Canada

Pediatric Oncology Group of Canada

Prostate Cancer Canada

Thyroid Cancer Canada

Young Adult Cancer Canada


Legal/Power of Attorney

Law Society Referral Service

The Law Society of Ontario’s referral service – connecting people looking for legal assistance to a lawyer or paralegal. Will provide the contact information for a free 30-minute consultation to help you determine your rights, options, and next steps.

Legal Aid Ontario

Support with criminal, mental health, and family legal issues.

Ontario Power of Attorney Kit

Instructions and forms to complete a Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care provided by the Government of Ontario.

Pro Bono Ontario

Free legal advice for people who can’t afford a lawyer for Power of Attorneys, consumer protection, housing, employment, or other civil issues.

Waterloo Region Community Legal Services

Local community legal clinic provided support for tenancy issues, social assistance, employment, immigration, and more.

Local Transportation


519-585-7597 x7345
Small buses to transport people with impaired mobility within Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo. The fare is the same as Grand River Transit conventional busses.

Grand River Transit

Local transit system with a number of stops and routes near Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Golden Triangle Taxi

Local taxi company serving Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo.

Kiwanis Transit

Small buses to transport people who are 65+, CNIB registered, physically disabled, developmentally disabled, or have a temporary disability that affects mobility who reside in Wellesley, Wilmot, or Woolwich townships. Tickets and monthly passes available.

Travel Treatment Fund

Short-term help to cover some costs for lower-income people travelling for cancer treatments. Application form online; requires a form from a healthcare professional.

Hospice of Waterloo Region

Volunteer drivers help with transportation to medical appointments and hospice programs for palliative clients of Hospice of Waterloo Region.

Home at Last

Coordinating discharge from hospital inpatient or emergency department stays for older adults including transportation home, help getting settled (meals, picking up prescriptions and groceries), and connecting to further supports.

Medical Tax Credit – Canada Revenue Agency

1-800-959-8281 (Canada Revenue Agency)
Transportation costs to medical appointments may be eligible for a tax credit on your yearly tax return.



Cancer: A guide for caregivers

What Is It Really Like to Have Cancer

International Agency for Research on Cancer - Cancer Today (Data visualization tools for exploring the global cancer burden in 2020)

How Cancer Affects Family Life

When Someone You Love Has Cancer: 9 Practical Tips + Insights

How to Tell a Loved One You Have Cancer

Telling Others About Your Cancer


How to Tell a Child That a Parent Has Cancer

How Do I Tell My Children I Have Cancer?

How to Tell Your Children You Have Cancer

For Parents: Talking with Children About Cancer




Medication Coverage


Drug discount card that works on the medications of specific manufacturers.

Extended Health Benefits

Your employer or that of a family member may provide coverage for prescription medications. On some occasions there are extra authorizations forms required for certain medications.

Trillium Drug Program

For households who spend more than about 4% of after-tax income on prescription drug costs Trillium can provide coverage of many medications.

Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program

For people who receive these social assistance programs drug coverage is included. Provide your pharmacy your health card.


People 24 years and under who have OHIP coverage and are not covered by a private health plan have access to prescription drug coverage.

Non-Insured Health Benefits

For residents of Canada who are a First Nations person registered under the Indian Act, an Inuk recognized by an Inuit land claim organization, or a child less than 18 months whose parent is one of those may be eligible for medication coverage.

Medical Tax Credit – Canada Revenue Agency

1-800-959-8281 (Canada Revenue Agency)
Prescription medications may be eligible for a tax credit on your yearly tax return.

Income Support

Short/Long Term Disability

Many employers offer short or long-term disability benefits which can be accessed if an employee is unable to work.

Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits

Income support for people who are unable to work for medical reasons.

Employment Insurance Caregiver Benefits

Income support for people caring for someone who is critically ill or requiring end-of-life care.

Canada Pension Plan – Permanent Disability

Monthly payment for people under 65 who have contributed to CPP and have a mental or physical disability that regularly stops you from doing any type of substantially gainful work that is long-term and of indefinite duration, or likely to result in death.

Ontario Works

519-883-2100 (Cambridge Intake)
Income support and employment support for Ontario residents who do not have enough money to cover living expenses. Includes health benefits.

Ontario Disability Support Program

Income support and employment support for Ontario residents who have a disability and financial need. Includes health benefits.

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