DI Wait Times


We continue to perform all diagnostic imaging exams at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.  We welcome patients to our imaging services.

Our current wait times for imaging exams as of November 6, 2023 are as follows:

DI Wait Times

DI Days
Bone Mineral Density

32 days

CT - routine exams (non Contrast) 35 days
CT - routine exams (non Contrast)CT - routine exams (non Contrast)CT - routine exams (Contrast) 49 days
Gastric Studies

137 days

Mammography - routine exams 69 days (sooner for urgent exams)
MRI - routine exams (non Contrast) 87 days
MRI - routine exams (Contrast) 103 days
Nuclear Medicine Cardiac -35 days         General - 27 days
OBSP 46 days
Ultrasound 165 days (sooner for urgent exams)


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