Emergency Services during the Holidays

Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department is here for you when you are very sick, injured and need emergency treatment.

If you require care during the holidays, please consider the following:

  • Call your Family Doctor First. Several family physician networks, the Urgent Care Clinic and some pharmacies will be open intermittently over the holidays.
  • Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 to speak with registered nurses who can answer health-related questions.

If you decide to visit our Emergency Department


  • Your Ontario Health Insurance Card, or medical insurance information if you live outside Ontario.
  • A supply of your medications in case you have a long wait or are admitted to hospital.
  • No more than one person to accompany you. Please ensure that your have appropriate childcare is in place for children left at home.

When you arrive:

  • A nurse will see you shortly after you arrive and determine your need for care.
  • All patients are triaged, meaning we treat the sickest patients first. The doctor will see someone with a potential heart attack before someone with a sore throat.
  • A Fast Track Program is in place to help manage waiting times.
  • Waiting times may be much longer than you expect during the holidays due to the number of patients seeking treatment. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • If your condition worsens while you wait, please let the nurse know.

Before you leave our hospital:

  • If you decide to leave before being seen by a doctor, please speak with a nurse.
  • If seen by a doctor, be sure you understand the doctor’s instructions. If you are not sure, ask the doctor or nurse to explain it to you again.

Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season!