Spiritual Visitors Volunteer

Pastoral Visitor/Volunteers apply to CMH at the recommendation of their Spiritual Faith Group Leader.

For further information, contact

Rob Heintz, Christopher Rigden-Briscall
Phone: (519) 621-2333 ext. 2124 for Rob, or ext. 2424 for Chirs
rheintz@cmh.org or crigden-briscall@cmh.org

With this invitation from the parish, the pastoral visitor/volunteer can fill out an application form, and ask the pastor/faith group leader to fill out the recommendation.

The pastoral visitor/volunteer then takes a Communicable Disease Assessment, attends the Volunteer Orientation, and the Pastoral Visitor/Volunteer Training Program.

At this point, the Pastoral Visitor/Volunteer receives an Identification Badge, and may visit members of their faith group on behalf of their parish.

To Apply

Please fill out and return our Application Form.

Application Form