Cambridge Country Manor

About This Program

On December 17, Cambridge Country Manor signed a voluntary management agreement with Cambridge Memorial Hospital for a period of 90 days to help it with their COVID-19 outbreak. Information regarding the voluntary management contract can be found here. Media requests can be made with Stephan Beckhoff at 519.621.2333 x2427

How to reach Patrick Gaskin, president & CEO:
519.621.2333 x2301

If you wish to share a concern about resident care, please connect with Jane at

Frequently Asked Questions for family members (updated Dec. 31)

FYI: Cambridge Country Manor staff are approved to get the COVID-19 vaccine (Jan. 6)


Cambridge Country Manor staff communication (private)

Cambridge Country Manor staff "How are we doing? How can we get better?" survey (closes December 28, 4:30p.m.)

How to access CCM's Private Page:

  • Click the login button at the bottom of any CMH website page
  • Enter the username and password provided to you - you will navigate to an 'accounts' page (this is normal)
  • Click the "Program or Service" menu and choose Cambridge Country Manor (alt. Use the the "FInd a Program or Service" menu on the front page)
  • Click this link to log into the employee page