Children's Care (Paediatrics)

About This Program

Welcome to Cambridge Memorial Hospital  Women and Children’s Program. We are a community hospital-based paediatric program in the Waterloo Region and are funded for seven inpatient beds. Our vision is to provide excellence in family-centered care that focuses on the values of comfort, respect and choice.


We proudly offer the following services:

Inpatient Services

Children from 0-17 years of age are admitted to Paediatrics on a physician’s referral. The average length of stay is two days.

Pre-Op Clinic Class

Children who will be having surgery attend a Pre-op Class led by the Child Life Specialist. The class helps inform the young patients and their families about their surgery to help lessen anxiety and to assist with their recovery. It is strongly recommended that children and families attend this class prior to surgery. Please call (519) 621-2330 x 4455 to book an appointment.

Same Day Surgery

Same Day Surgery operates five days per week for children who can be sent home the same day of their surgery.

Childlife Services

A childlife specialist provides support for the special needs of children using our services. This includes developmentally appropriate play, education, calming techniques and distraction for our young patients.

Diabetic Education

This service is supported by a healthcare team that includes: paediatrician, dietian, social worker, child life specialist, and a diabetic nurse educator. 



What I Need to Know

Please bring any personal assistive devices that you require for your appointment. For example, any communication or mobility device you may need like a walker, hearing aid, etc.

How can you tell if your baby is ill? (Sick Kids)



Provide children with an early start in active play.  Have a Ball Together!


Decisions about feeding your baby/child are important.  Here are some resources to assist you with these decisions:

1. Information on breast milk and breast milk substitutes in English, French & Urdu.

2. Introducing Solids to your infant:  Introduction of solids - English, Introduction of solids - French, Introduction of solids - Urdu.  Other languages available from Best Start website

3. Feeding your Child:  How to feed your growing child (2 - 5 years)- English

4.  RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) : click on link for information on your baby's health.

Parenting and Child Health Region of Waterloo Public Health Resources - Booklet Series

  • Baby's Feeding Record
  • Breastfeeding Your Baby
  • Caring for you and Your Baby
  • Feeding Your Baby and Young Child
  • Sleep and Your Growing Baby