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Ethics Committee

Terms of Reference

The Ethics Committee at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH)is committed to:

  • Promoting a framework for ethical decision making which incorporates the Hospitals’ core values of caring, accountability, respect, innovation and collaboration
  • Encouraging the hospital’s vision, mission and core values into all aspects of its programs and services
  • Continuing to respect and promote cultural diversity


CMH is commited to providing exceptional patient care. The Ethics Committee’s core objectives, in relation to ethical issues regarding clinical practice and professional standards, include:

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Consultation
  • Administrative guidance


Ethics Education

  • To facilitate the continuing education needs of the clinical and support staff, volunteers and hospital leadership related to ethical issues


  • To ensure ongoing member familiarity with professional ethical principles, legislative initiatives and ethical issues of significance

Ethics Resource

  • To provide information and comment to hospital leadership and professional staff on legislative, medical and research initiatives that bear an ethical component

Administrative Guidance

  • To review and advise on the ethical aspects of hospital policies, procedures, and guidelines

Ethics Consultation

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of ethical and moral questions which arise in the hospital
  • To develop internal capacity in ethics consultation via a hub and spoke model of consultation and support

Code of Ethics

  • To develop and maintain an organizational code of ethics

Data Support

  • To develop a data repository to house needs assessment data, consultation requests, etc. to assist in the identification of themes and needs organizationally


Clinical Ethics Consultation Service

As a means to enhance patient care, CMH offers an clinical ethics consultation service that helps patients, family members and healthcare practitioners work through complex ethical issues. Depending the issue, CMH may bring in a bio-ethicist to help with the process. 

When a request is made, the case will first be reviewed with the patient or family member to see how the consultation might benefit them. Information about the case will be collected. Care team members that are involved will be informed and invited to participate in the consultation service. 

Patients and family members are guided through the problem with members of the treatment team. Together, they will work through a number of considerations to ensure all ethical values that may be at risk are deliberated. Going through this consultation is not meant to solve the issue or to reach consensus. This service is done in an advisory and educational capacity only, with the goal of helping the requestor with decision making.

To receive a clinical ethics consultation service, please contact the manager of the unit or speak with a member of the care team. 


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