Health Records

About This Program

Health Information Management department (Health Records) is located on Wing C, Level 0. Your personal health information is secured, checked for accuracy, completeness and retained for the legal retention period according the Public Hospital Act and the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

We share your personal health information with your health care providers. If you do not want us to share your information, please let us know.

You or your substitute decision maker (a person who can make decisions on your behalf) may access your personal health information upon request. This can be done by contacting the Release of Information Office to arrange an appointment (reasonable notice is required). You may also contact this office to have your personal health information faxed or mailed to a Physician office treating you.



Release of Information Office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm excluding all statutory holidays. Due to the volume of requests our office receives daily, please make an appointment so that we may serve you better. We have 30 days to respond/process your request. When we require an extension of time, we will contact you. If your request is urgent for medical care, legal purposes or for another urgent reason, please let us know.  

A reasonable fee is applicable for copies of record, record search and review of records. We require the following to share patient information not required for medical care;

  • Signed and witnessed patient consent 
  • If you are the legal substitute decision maker eg; legal guardian, power of attorney, estate trustee; you will be required to provide proof of legal documentation and sign a consent form
  • Warrant, Subpeona and when required by relevant legislation

Your request should be in writing and provide us enough information to locate your record. We will let you know when the record is beyond the legal retention period and no longer stored.

Patients and Substitute Decision Makers may request a correction if you feel that your record is not accurate or complete.

  Fees for Patient, SDM & Patient's Lawyer
Basic Processing & Clarification for request up to 20 pages $30.00
Photocopies or electronic printouts after 20 pages $0.25 for each page
Paper copy for microfilm or microfiche $0.50 for each page
Compact Disc (CD) $10.00
Review Original Record $6.75 for every 15 minutes

Please Note:  Third Party Agencies are charged a separate fee.

What I Need to Know

The Release of Information department is located in Wing C, Level 0, Room 228. The parking lot that is closest to this department is Lot #4, in front Wings C & D. Take the elevator down to level 0 - turn right if coming from C elevators or left from D elevators. Click to see floor plans (maps).

Please bring any personal assistive devices that you require for your appointment. For example, a communication or mobility device that you may need like a walker or hearing aid, etc.

Ring the doorbell for service. We may be temporarily unavailable with a phone call. You may have a seat in the hallway while you wait.

Referral Process

To make an appointment with the Release of Information Office:

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Phone: 519-621-2333 ext.1382
Fax: 519-740-4958

Note: We are closed on all statutory holidays


How do I get a copy of my health records?

You can receive a copy of your health records by submitting a written request to Release of Information Office. You will need to provide photo identification, legal documentation.

What happens if I am inquiring about records for a deceased patient?

To obtain records for individuals who are deceased, proof of executorship or legal signing authority must be submitted with the request.

How do I request birth information?

If you are looking for your birth information (e.g., proof of birth, time of birth), please submit a written request that includes your mother's full name (surname when you were born.) We do not expedite requests for time of birth unless it is to assist a parent completing legal documents.

My child was born at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and will be travelling out of the country with me in the near future. The birth certificate I applied for has not yet arrived. Can CMH help me?

Cambridge Memorial Hospital does not issue birth certificates or the statement of birth registration. However, we can provide you with a proof of birth letter stating your child was born at CMH.

Does it cost me anything to request medical information?

We may charge an administrative fee for non-medical requests.


Release of Information Office (Health Records)
Phone: 519-621-2333 ext.1382
Fax: 519-740-4958