Liver Health Centre

About This Program

The CMH Regional Liver Health Centre is now accepting referrals from within the Region of Waterloo and Wellington County for the purpose of providing patients with diagnosis, treatment and management of advanced liver disease. This may include conditions such as advanced cirrhosis, acute hepatitis, and metabolic-associated fatty liver disease, among other liver disorders. Dietitian and RN consults will also be available to complement medical services. This is the start to our vision of establishing a regional liver health network that will see future enhancements such as new diagnostic equipment and a region-wide intake system connecting the patient with the next available specialist.

Liver Disease in Canada: A National Health Crisis

  • 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease
  •  An Ontarian born in 1990 has a 116% higher chance of developing cirrhosis in their lifetime compared to someone born in 1951
  • As of 2012, the prevalence of cirrhosis in Ontario was estimated to be 120 per 10,000 population
  • This translates to about 10,000 patients with cirrhosis in WWLHIN
  • incidence of cirrhosis is also increasing significantly as well…

We are grateful for the support and investment from the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation as they were an early catalyst in advancing the opening of the Liver Health Clinic. Their commitment plays a vital role in strengthening local health care for residents, providing them with access to quality care close to home.


  1. Hepatologist consult: Diagnosis, treatment and management
  2. Screening, prevention and management of advanced liver disease – Cirrhosis
  3. Dietician and RN consults/services for MAFLD (metabolic associated fatty liver disease) and NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)
  4. Management and monitoring of patients with acute Hepatitis
  5. Diagnostics attained all under one roof

What I Need to Know

Please bring any personal assistive devices that you require for your appointment. For example, any communication or mobility device you may need like a walker, hearing aid, etc.

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please email or call the Liver Health Clinic at least 24-48hours in advance.
  • Phone:  519-621-2333 ext. 2760  Email:

Kindly note that CMH has a no scent policy.  Kindly refrain from using or wearing perfumes, scented deodorants and scented products before coming to hospital.

To Do List for your visit:

  • PATIENT REGISTRATION & HEALTH CARD: Please enter at main entrance and register at Patient Registration with your health card prior to any testing/appointment.
  • MEDICATIONS: Please bring your medications, including over-the-counter-medications and supplements, to each appointment. Keeping an up-to-date list of your medications can be helpful.
  • ULTRASOUND: If you were instructed to have an ultrasound done, please proceed to Diagnostic Imaging registration and have ultrasound done prior to coming to Liver Health Clinic appointment
  • LABWORK:If you were instructed to have bloodwork done, please proceed to the outpatient lab before coming to Liver Health Clinic appointment.

Click here for a printable version of this To Do list

Department Locations:

Patient Registration – located at the main entrance - A wing, Level 1

Ultrasound Department – located on B Wing, Level 1

Outpatient Laboratory – located on D Wing, Level 0

Liver Health Clinic – located on C wing, Level 2

Referral Process

Liver Health Clinic appointments is by referral only.

Referring Physicians and Nurse Practitioners: Please make all Liver Health Clinic referrals through the Ocean portal to ensure referrals are received and scheduled in a timely manner. Alternatively, if you do not have access to Ocean, you may fax the referral form in the Resources section below to 519-629-3801. Please note that only referral forms completed in entirety will be processed.

Your Team

The Liver Care Clinic is interprofessional and includes:
- a Hepatologist
- Nurses
- Dietitians
- Social Work