Post Operative Care

About This Program

The inpatient surgical unit is known as Inpatient Surgery. It is located in Wing B, Level 3. The inpatient surgical unit provides a multi-team approach to support your needs after surgery.

What I Need to Know

Please bring any personal assistive devices that you require for your appointment. For example, any communication or mobility device you many need like a walker, hearing aid, etc.

After Surgery

After your surgery is over you will go to the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU) to recover from your anesthetic. Children who have had surgery are able to have one support person with them in the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit. From there, depending on the type of surgery, your medical history and personal situation, you will either return to Surgical Day Care to be discharged, be admitted to the Inpatient Surgical Unit or to the Intensive Care Unit.

Postoperative Care

Cambridge Memorial Hospital strives to meet your individual needs. Your treatment plan is developed with your help and may contain the following:

  • Pain Control - Management of post-operative pain control is decided by your surgeon and/or the Acute Pain Service and is based on your condition and surgical procedure. There are various methods available. Nursing staff will provide health teaching and education on the method selected.
  • Patient Education - The health care team members will provide instructions through personal teaching or educational materials that will improve your inpatient experience. Much of this information can be used when you leave the hospital to further promote healthy outcomes.
  • Dietary - If you stay with us after a surgery your diet will most likely progress from clear fluids such as juices and broth to full fluids (milk, cream soups, and puddings) to a general diet. A Registered Dietitian is available for consultations regarding specialized dietary requirements. Adequate nutrition is essential to promote healing after surgery. Therefore, if there are any concerns about your diet, please advise a member of your health care team and we will make every attempt to accommodate them. The Registered Dietitian will also work closely with members of the health care team if you require nutrition through intravenous or a tube.

Your Team

Our postoperative professional care team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social worker and pharmacists. Unit clerks assist with the flow of communication and information to the team.

Volunteens (teen volunteers) are ready to assist both you and your family for several hours each week. Our adult volunteers are always willing to offer a smile or share a few minutes with you if you wish. Pastoral Care and the on-call Chaplain can support your spiritual and emotional needs.