Spiritual Services

About This Program

Spritual care provides spiritual and religious support for patients, families, friends and staff at CMH.

Anyone is welcome to speak with the Spritual Care Coordinator (SCC) and the SCC and chaplains also make visits to offer Spritual care to those who wish.

In addition, the SCC can contact community clergy and faith group leaders.


The Chapel/Sanctuary

The Chapel/Sanctuary at CMH is available for private prayer and meditation at all times.It is located in Wing C, Level 4.

On-Call Chaplaincy Service

At CMH there the Chaplaincy Service is available to people of all faiths 24 hours a day, seven days a week to attend to any acute spritual care situation or request.

Hospital Memorial Services

Three times per year CMH honors the memory of those people who have died in our hospital.

Spritual Care Volunteers

These volunteers who are recommended to CMH through their Spiritual Faith Group Leader visit patients who are of their own faith group. Click for more information.


Rob Heintz, Spiritual Care Coordinator
519-621-2333 ext. 2124 or by pager through switchboard.
Christopher Rigden-Driscoll, Spiritual Care Coordinator
ext. 2424 or by pager