Women & Children's Health

About This Program

The Women and Children's Health Program cares for women and children in a family-friendly environment. The emphasis is on health promotion and illness prevention.


Breastfeeding Supported at CMH

  • Breastfeeding provides many health advantages for infants and mothers.  Research shows many short-term and long-term benefits including increased breastfeeding success, improved physiological, emotional and cognitive capacities.

  • Our staff are here to support you with breastfeeding if you choose to do so.

  • We promote early skin-to-skin care in uncomplicated births as well.

CMH is dedicated to working towards Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) designation.   The World Health Organization, UNICEF and Breastfeeding Committee of Canada set standards by providing 10 steps for staff to follow by promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding.  For families and infants, it means consistent care, information, advice and support from staff.  Staff support all families and infants and their right to make a fully informed decision about how to feed and care for their babies. 

What I Need to Know

Safe Sleep – how to lower the risk of SIDS with your baby’s sleep

  • Place your baby on their back for every sleep
  • Keep smoking away from baby before and after birth    
  • Safest sleep place is in a crib, cradle or bassinette that meets current Canadian regulations
  • Share your room with parent or caregiver when baby sleeps
  • Breastfeeding boosts protection

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Childbirth and Parenting Classes:  see attached document for upcoming classes Conestoga College is offering. Prenatal Flyer

Feeding Your Baby:  The decision on what to feed your baby is an important one.  See resources below and click on each link for resources:

1.  Breast milk - English, Breast milk - French, Breast milk - Urdu

2.  Breast milk substitute - English, Breast milk substitute - French, Breast milk substitute - Urdu


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