Volunteer Opportunities

Hospital Ambassador (CURRENTLY Recruiting)

  • Greet hospital patients and visitors.
  • Remind all visitors to wash their hands with the sanitizer upon entering and exiting the hospital
  • Give directions and escort patients and visitors based on request from the Information Desk.
  • When time permits Ambassadors will ensure that there are 5 wheelchairs at the main desk, 5 at ER and 5 by Surgical Daycare service elevators and 2 in the Medical Day Clinic

Currently Recruiting – 

  • Mondays - Fridays  7-10am,10-1pm,1-4pm, 4-6pm
  • Saturdays 9-12pm, 12-4pm
  • Sundays 11-1pm, 1-4pm, 4-6pm



Information Desk  (CURRENTLY Recruiting)

The Information Desk volunteer is often the first person visitors come into contact with when walking through the main entrance of the hospital. They are there to give visitors directions and general information. To become an Information Desk volunteer you must have customer service, computer and telephone experience.

Currently Recruiting – Evenings and Weekends



Emergency Waiting Room (CURRENTLY Recruiting)

The Emergency Department is a very interactive department. Volunteers can be found greeting patients, explaining triage, providing comfort measures such as a warm blanket or Kleenex, picking up medical records, making up specimen bags and charts, giving directions and more.

Currently Recruiting – Variety of 2 - 4 hour shifts;

  • Tuesdays 9-12:30pm
  • Thursdays: 9-12:30pm
  • Fridays:  9-12:30pm, 12:30-4pm, 4-6pm(alt), 6-8pm
  • Saturdays: 12:30-4pm (1,2,3)
  • Sundays: 12:30-4pm (1,3,5)



Diagnostic Imaging & CAT Scan  (CURRENTLY Recruiting)

Volunteers in the Diagnostic Imaging department can be found in Ultrasound, Ontario Breast Screening Clinic, Fracture Clinic, X-ray and CAT Scan. Volunteers greet patients, make up bags and provide directions.

Currently Recruiting – Thursdays 9-12pm, 12-4pm



Gift Shop (CURRENTLY Recruiting)

The Gift Shop is one of the Volunteer Association's revenue generating services. If you enjoy retail sales and public interaction, this is for you.

Currently Recruiting – Evenings and Weekends


Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP(CURRENTLY Recruiting)

  1. Review assignment and obtain any materials needed.
  2. Be sure to wash your hands before entering patients room and before going to another patient.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the activity assigned, present activity enthusiastically.Encourage participation; be positive.
  4. Engage each patient in his or her assigned therapeutic activity for at least 10 minutes each shift. Offer them every opportunity to show you how to perform the activity.
  5. Record observations on Volunteer Assignment sheet.

Volunteers will create a friendly environment by providing support, encouragement and companionship, but also provide specific assistance in 4 volunteer intervention programs.

  1. Visiting – socialization to prevent mental confusion during hospitalization
  2. Feeding Assistance – meal assistance and companionship
  3. Early Mobilization – assistance with walking and simple exercises
  4. Therapeutic Activities – activities to keep patients mentally stimulated during


Currently Recruiting for October Start



The Recovery Room Shop

The Recovery Room Shop is a seconds store operated by the CMH Volunteer Association, located in downtown Galt.

  • Serve and assist customers.
  • Straighten clothing racks
  • Put out new merchandise on floor
  • Tag and stamp clothing for sale
  • Sort donation



Medical Day Clinic Volunteers

Volunteers within this Program are a part of the CMHVA with the support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  These Volunteers help support patients as they receive treatment. Our knowledgeable volunteers can help provide directions, sit with patients while they wait or receive treatment; they also provide comfort and refreshments. Medical Day Care volunteers provide information about the Canadian Cancer Society and other services patients can access, both at the clinic and in the community.



CMH Foundation Office

  • Greet donors and other visitors to the Foundation
  • Open and sort the mail and donations
  • Take donation over the phone and be able to process credit card transactions
  • Assist with general office duties as required
  • Make calls to donors to thank them for donation




Preform reminder calls for ultrasound outpatients, stock requisition forms, fold and put away clean patient gowns. 


Note: Volunteer positions are not always available when you apply. We will do our best in placing you somewhere suitable if your first choice is not available.