Neurology is a medical specialty concerning with the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. 


neurologist sits behind her desk and holds up a model of the human

CMH provides consultation, testing (EEG, labs and diagnostic imaging), diagnosis and treatment for neurological disorders. Patients are referred to this service via the Emergency Department or from a primary care physician, nurse practitionaer. 

Referrals to the clinic can be made by faxing the request to 519 629 3801

The Neurology Clinic runs Monday to Friday from 0900 - 1500h, excluding holidays and statutory holidays. Please bring your medications, including over-the-counter-medications and supplements, to each appointment. Keeping an up-to-date list of your medications can be helpful.


On the day of your appointment, please enter at Main Entrance (Wing A, Level 1) and register at Patient Registration with your health card prior to any testing/appointment.


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call the Neurology Clinic at least 48 hours in advance by calling 519-621-2333 ext. 1108  

Please bring any personal assistive devices that you require for your appointment. For example, any communication or mobility device you may need like a walker, hearing aid, etc.

CMH has a no scent policy. Kindly refrain from using or wearing perfumes, scented deodorants and scented products before coming to the hospital. 

Thank you for your visit. At anytime you wish to provide feedback, we encourage you to share them directly with your healthcare team as soon as possible. You may also speak with the social worker, spiritual care advisor, charge nurse, or management (see below). 


If you shared a concern that you feel has not been addressed, connect with the Patient Experience Lead at

Sandra Bakewell

Sandra Bakewell, Manager Medical Day Clinic, Liver Health Clinic, Ambulatory Clinics - ext. 3064

 john doe

April McCulloch, Director Medical Programs - ext. 2402

 john doe

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The Neurology Clinic is located in Wing C, Level 2. You must first register with Patient Registration (Wing A, level 1) before going to the clinic. Visitor Lot #2 is closest to Patient Registration. Visitor Lot #4 is closest to the clinic. 

See map below for more information. 

Hospital floor plan

PAtients must be referred to the Neurology Clinic. If you have an appointment and you must reschedule, please call the number below. 


Wing C, Level 2

Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 1108 (bookings)


Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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