Please take some time to read through the application information by clicking on the Application Process under How to Apply below.

All applicants are asked to complete the application, and to provide references. Once that material has been submitted, you will be invited for an interview. Following the interview, you will be asked to complete a police records check, health review and attend an orientation session.




Volunteering at CMH can help you learn about working in health care, while providing a very valuable service to your community.


Please take some time to read through the application information by clicking on How to Apply below. 


All applicants are asked to complete the application, and to provide references. Once that material has been submitted, you will be invited for an interview. 


Following the interview, you will be asked to complete a police records check, health review and attend an orientation session.

As a Volunteer, you will:

  • bring to patients those additional services which create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the hospital 
  • help promote your hospital to the community 
  • learn new skills

CMH is currently accepting volunteer applications for our early morning shifts for the following, non-clinical, programs: Patient Registration and Surgical Day Care, as well as Gift Shop on the weekends.

  • Greet hospital patients and visitors.
  • Remind all visitors to wash their hands with the sanitizer upon entering and exiting the hospital.
  • Give directions and escort patients and visitors based on request from the Information Desk.
  • When time permits Ambassadors will ensure that there are wheelchairs at the main entrances.

The Gift Shop is one of the Volunteer Association's revenue generating services. If you enjoy retail sales and public interaction, this is for you.

Volunteers in the Diagnostic Imaging department can be found in Ultrasound, Ontario Breast Screening Clinic, Fracture Clinic, X-ray and CAT Scan. Volunteers greet patients, make up bags and provide directions.

HELP volunteers help maintain the cognitive, physical and emotional well-being of older patients who are admitted to hospital from home or retirement home.


Volunteers create a friendly environment by providing support, encouragement, and companionship to our older patient. The volunteer will provide assistance from the four main protocols of HELP.


  • Orientation – visiting and socialization to prevent mental confusion during hospitalization by reviewing the patient’s orientation board.
  • Meal Assistance – assisting with set up of the meal and providing companionship to increase intake and hydration throughout the day.
  • Early Mobilization – assistance with walking and/or range of motion exercises to prevent deconditioning.
  • Therapeutic Activities – activities to keep patients cognitively stimulated during hospitalization to prevent a decline in cognition.

NOTE: HELP volunteers must complete 12 hours of in-class training followed by 12 hours of shadow training with a veteran volunteer or Elder Life Specialist.

The Information Desk volunteer is often the first person visitors come into contact with when walking through the main entrance of the hospital. They are there to give visitors directions and general information. To become an Information Desk volunteer you must have customer service, computer and telephone experience.

The Recovery Room Shop is a seconds store operated by the CMH Volunteer Association, located in downtown Galt.

  • Serve and assist customers
  • Straighten clothing racks
  • Put out new merchandise on floor
  • Tag and stamp clothing for sale
  • Sort donations

Volunteers within this Program are a part of the CMHVA with the support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  These Volunteers help support patients as they receive treatment. Our knowledgeable volunteers can help provide directions, sit with patients while they wait or receive treatment; they also provide comfort and refreshments. Medical Day Care volunteers provide information about the Canadian Cancer Society and other services patients can access, both at the clinic and in the community.

  • Greet donors and other visitors to the Foundation
  • Open and sort the mail and donations
  • Take donation over the phone and be able to process credit card transactions
  • Assist with general office duties as required
  • Make calls to donors to thank them for donation

Spiritual Care Volunteers provide non-denominational support to patients who request it. Volunteers are referred from their congregation. They receive specific training through the Spiritual Care Services at CMH. Volunteers share their faith and support individuals and families in need. Read more about this service at CMH.


Reminder: CMH is currently accepting volunteer applications for our early morning shifts for the following, non-clinical, programs Patient Registration and Surgical Day Care, as well as Gift Shop on the weekends


The first step to joining our team is to complete the Volunteer Application Package. The Application Package can be downloaded by clicking on the "Volunteer Application" link. During normal operations, it may also be picked up at the Information Desk within the Main Entrance of the Hospital (Wing A, Level 1). During provincial lockdowns, applicants may only access the Volunteer Package virtually or by contacting the Coordinator of Volunteer Services directly. 


Volunteer Application

Application Package

Prospective volunteers must complete the application package, including 2 references which must be provided, signed and completed.  Family members may not be a reference and your reference must have known you for greater than six (6) months.


Ways to submit your application:

  • Use an App to scan and send (‘Lens’ – is a free Microsoft option) 
  • Take a photo and send  
  • Deliver in person to our Information Desk in the Main Lobby


  • All applicants are screened by Volunteer Services. As part of the screening process, volunteers will have a health review which includes a two step T.B. skin test.
  • All successful candidates must provide proof of two COVID19 vaccinations. 


  • Volunteer Services will interview, select and place volunteers
  • Volunteers are placed according to the needs of the Hospital, patients, and families as well as the volunteer's interests and skill level


  • All volunteers must attend a general orientation session 
  • Sessions are offered on the second Thursday of every month from 4-6:30pm 

NOTE: With COVID19 restrictions, orientations are currently taking place virtually. 


Area Specific Training

Upon completion of health screening, all volunteers will be required to attend an area specific training session prior to starting their placement 

  • Minimum age to volunteer is 16 years old.
  • Minimum commitment of 6 months.

Health Screening

All volunteers are required to complete a 2-step TB skin test and communicable disease assessment.  This is a requirement under the Ontario Public Hospitals Act. It is for the protection of our patients as well as for yourself.  Our Health, Safety and Wellness team will need to know your immune status for Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis and other common communicable diseases. Blood tests may be required.  At the time of your interview, we will discuss your Health Screening.  Prospective volunteers without an Ontario Health Card may incur costs to complete their health screening.  

In addition to the standard medical clearance, all new employees, physicians, medical professional staff and volunteers, as a condition of working at CMH, are required to be vaccinated for COVID19, having received 2 valid doses of COVID vaccine, and provide proof of their vaccination status.

Volunteers working between the months of October to March are encouraged to receive an annual influenza vaccination, available at the hospital, free of charge.


Criminal Record Checks
As part of the screening process, a Police Records Check must be completed, after your meeting with Volunteer Services. Cambridge Memorial Hospital provides services to people who are considered a vulnerable population and for this reason, a Police Records Check (PRC) is necessary.  All volunteers over the age of 18 must have a PRC completed before being placed. The PRC must be dated within 3 months of your volunteer interview.  The cost of the Police Records Check is the responsibility of the applicant. All information will be handled with the strictest confidence for your respect and privacy. Instructions for completing a criminal reference check will be discussed at your placement interview.


Volunteers must wear a volunteer vest & name tag at all times when on duty.  Volunteers must follow the dress code as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook.  Appropriate clothing is neat, safe and respectful of the patients, staff and visitors.  The hospital is a scent-free environment. 



You must wait 6 months after being a inpatient or out-patient of the hospital before you apply to volunteer.


More than 130 Years of Service 

The CMH Volunteer Association has been providing assistance to Cambridge Memorial Hospital for more than 130 years. Many volunteers are needed to provide ongoing support to our patient service and revenue producing programs. All volunteers are members of the Volunteer Association and develop a commitment to volunteering at CMH. The Volunteer Association is always in need of volunteers who are able to donate time to enhance services to our patients and visitors. The minimum age to volunteer at CMH is 16 years old.

CMH is fortunate to have 300 volunteers who provide thousands of hours of their time to the patients and staff at CMH. During 2012-2013, the hospital received more than $120,000 in donations from the Volunteer Association; this money primarily went to the purchase of much needed medical equipment.


The CMH Volunteer Association has four revenue producing services: 

  1. The Tim Hortons Coffee Shop is owned by the CMH Volunteer Association. It is open to staff, patients and visitors.
  2. The Red Poppy Gift Shop is a revenue service of the CMH Volunteer Association. It is operated with the help of many dedicated volunteers. The Gift Shop carries flowers, toiletries, baby and other assorted gifts. Located in Wing A, Level 1 off the Main Lobby. It is currently open 10am-4pm on weekdays. All proceeds from the Gift Shop go to purchase medical equipment and supplies for the hospital. 
  3. The Recovery Room Shop is a retail shop owned and operated by the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association. Located at 38 Ainslie Street North, Unit 102 (N1R3J5) in Cambridge, Ontario this second-hand store offers a wide range of high quality goods. All of the proceeds made at the Recovery Room shop go directly to the hospital for much needed medical equipment. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 10:00am to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. You can make a donation of clothes or other slightly used goods by taking them directly to the shop. To contact the Recovery Room Shop, call – 519- 622-0701.
  4. The Vendor Program is back and currently accepting applications. For more information, or to get on a waiting list, please contact Gloria Coppes at gcoppes@cmh.org or 519-621-2333 ext 1103.

 Contact Information:

Cambridge Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association 
CMHVA Board Chair: Rick DeGraff
Email: rdegraaf@cmh.org

Please see "How to Apply" above.

  • Typically, a 6-month commitment to the program is required, some programs require at least 1 year's commitment
  • Absences must be reported to your department and the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at least 24 hours prior to your shift

Volunteers are required to be able to speak fluent English.

Volunteer positions can be categorised into three areas:


Patient Focused

  • Patient Care Units 
  • Emergency
  • Surgery
  • Registration
  • Medical Day Clinic
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Hospital Elder Life Program
  • Hospital Ambassador
  • And many others

Volunteer Association Office Support

  • Hospital Administrative Support
  • Information Desk
  • Environmental Services
  • Foundation Office   

Fundraising Services   

  • Gift Shop
  • Supporting Fundraising Activities
  • The Recovery Room Shop

Placement decisions are made based on hospital needs and the candidate's skills and interests.

Volunteers are encouraged to make a minimum commitment of 6 months to their current placement. However, should other opportunities exist, a change can be arranged or you can volunteer in more than one area if you wish and if there is availability.

Taking time for yourself as a volunteer is very important to us at CMH, and holidays are permitted. Always ensure that you make Volunteer Services aware at least a week prior to taking time off.

Cambridge Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association

Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 1102


Volunteer Services

Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 2401

Email: VolunteerResources@cmh.org

Recovery Room Shop

Phone: 519-622-0701

Location: 38 Ainslie Street North Unit 102, N1R3J5 Cambridge, Ontario

Schedule: Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 4:30pm and

Saturdays: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Spiritual Care

Contact: Patricia Jackson, Spiritual Care Coordinator

Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 2424


Vendor program

Contact: Gloria Coppes, Yvonne Kaine

Phone: 519-621-2333 ext. 1382

Email: ybkaine@rogers.com

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