Emergency Wait Time

The wait time clock is currently unavailable to allow us to complete maintenance to make the wait time information as accurate as possible. We will reactivate the wait time clock as soon as we can. 

Other health care options - Download the "know your options" pamphlet - a helpful guide to navigating health care services within the Region of Waterloo.

COVID-19 Symptoms? If you have COVID-19 symptoms that require a medical exam and your regular health care provider cannot/will not see you, consider going to the the Regional COVID Care Clinic at 66 Pinebush Rd. There you will receive an in-person assessment  by a Nurse and/or Physician. If warranted, you may be referred for testing (e.g., x-rays, urine samples, etc.) elsewhere as the centre is not equipped with diagnostic tools.  


Click here to see CMH's Emergency Services page.

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