Infant Care

Safe Sleep – how to lower the risk of SIDS with your baby’s sleep

  • Place your baby on their back for every sleep
  • Keep smoking away from baby before and after birth    
  • Safest sleep place is in a crib, cradle or bassinette that meets current Canadian regulations
  • Share your room with parent or caregiver when baby sleeps
  • Breastfeeding boosts protection

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Newborn Health Cards:

  • Please visit our Clerical Team in Women & Children's Program - Obstetrics to request the temporary Ontario Health Card Number/Birth Registration Form. Custodial Parents or Guardians will be asked to complete the form prior to discharge and retain the tear off portion. CMH will forward completed forms by courier to Service Ontario on a weekly basis. Service Ontario will complete the registration process. You will receive your child’s Health Card in the mail. Some parents may be requested to visit Service Ontario to determine if their infant qualifies for their temporary health card.

Newborn Screening

How can you tell if your baby is ill? (Sick Kids)

Newborn Hearing Screening


Blood Glucose Levels in Your Baby



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