Send a loved one a card while they are in hospital. It is easy to do and it is free, courtesy of Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH), CMH Foundation and the CMH Volunteer Association. Simply fill out the form below and submit it by 2200 hrs (10:00 p.m.) the day before you want it delivered (Saturday and Sunday submissions will be delivered on Monday). The next morning, our super-friendly Volunteer Ambassadors will print the card, fold it and deliver it to your loved one's room.

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Fine Print

  • This service is offered Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 
  • Limit of one eCard per person, per patient stay. This will help us run the eCard program for everyone!
  • The eCard you send is not private - it will be read by someone other than your loved one. Cards containing a message that is inappropriate will not be processed.
  • Information that is missing cannot be processed. Make certain to call our Switchboard or the Information Desk to get your loved one's room number.
  • Delivery of your eCard is not guaranteed. All attempts will be made to print and deliver your special card to your loved one. Sometimes things happens like the photocopier breaking down or a patient gets moved to another room. If your card is not delivered for whatever reason, know that we will feel unhappy about it and will be truly sorry.

Step 2: Please select one of the quotes to add to the e-card, or add a custom one!