Freedom of Information Request Fees

Application Fee (mandatory)          ..... $5.00
Photocopies and Computer Print Outs          ..... $0.20 per page
Records provided on CD-ROMS          ..... $10.00 for each CD-RO
Manually searching a record          ..... $7.50 for each 15 minutes spent searching
Preparing a record for disclosure, including severing a part of the record          ..... $7.50 for each 15 minutes spent searching

Developing a computer program or other method of producing a record 

from a machine readable record

         ..... $15.00 for each 15 minutes spent searching

Costs incurred in locating, retreiving, processing and copying the record(s) 

if those costs are specified in an invoice received by the hospital

         ..... As per received invoice

Note: HST is not applicable on these fees.

Payment Guidelines

  1. A request is not considered complete until it is received with the $5.00 application fee
  2. CMH may put the request on hold until the requested deposit is paid
  3. CMH reserves the right to wait for a personal cheque to clear prior to providing access to a record(s)
  4. CMH will provide requested records when the total invoice is paid unless the request has been denied
  5. For estimates over $100, a 50% deposit of the full cost estimate is required from the requestor


Click here for CMH's FIPPA Policy